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Trucker’s Accessories and Supplies

  • Dual voltage Full HD TV/DVD Combo Units for your truck or camper.
  • Handheld CB’s for Jeeps, Campers, RV’s or Pilot Cars.
  • Dash Cams that you wish you would have had in an accident.
  • The best brands of CB radios available anywhere for daily use.
  • A huge variety of all kinds of CB antennas and mounting options.
  • Bluetooth headsets are a must unless you want to pay the fines.
  • Trucker’s GPS units with all sorts of new options.
  • Call us for large fleet discounts.

The deal we are offering trucker’s on President’s CB’s that come with a free antenna is coming to an end with the start of the new $50 Off Rebate offer.

You can still get one of these great deals,  but you might want to hurry.  When they are gone, they are gone.

The Johnson II comes with a free Iowa antenna and the Johnny III deal is sold out now.

President CB Package Deals for Truckers
NoGroundPlane Antenna Kits
Monkey Made Antennas
Jeep Antennas and Mounts

Truckers-Store offers you the very best products that are available for truckers.

  • Products that keep drivers safe and alert to the ever changing traffic conditions on our roads and highways.
  • CB radios are best way to get information on what road conditions are and what is happening down the road.
  • We sell the latest model CB’s, a huge variety of antennas, top rated coaxial assemblies, and test equipment.
  • Next after CBs comes GPSs for accurate navigation. Plus Bluetooth headsets for safe cellphone use.
  • We are authorized sellers of Rand McNally and Garmin GPSs and Blue Parrott headsets.
  • We have truckers accessories and supplies of all kinds at one store for one stop shopping.
  • RV owners can find the right antenna that works on a fiberglass or plastic vehicle.

“These Are Just A Few Of The Fine Brands We Sell”