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Antenna Brands

CB and Many Other Antennas

You will find antennas for every purpose here.  Quality antennas from
the top antenna manufacturers. Quality materials and workmanship make
a top performing antenna system.

KW cut-to-tune, FirestikII and Firefly tunable tip,
USA and Road Pal, AM-FM model antennas.

FireStik No Ground Plane CB Ant. Kits
Antenna kits for Motorhomes, Boats, Automobiles and
18-wheeler trucks.  For plastic fiberglass, wood, and
aluminum vehicles where there is a lack of a ground plane.

Everhardt No Ground Plane CB Ant. Kits
Industries Most Copied Antenna Design

FireStik Dual Mount CB Antenna Kit
KW and FS Series Co-Phase complete dual antenna kits.

FireStik 2 Meter, 10 Meter, and M.U.R.S. Antennas
Quality FireStik antennas for other applications.

EverhardtTM Tiger CB Antennas
Super High Performance Wide Band Whips

K40 Electronics CB Antennas                                  
K30, K40, Helical coil, TR40, TR40 plus, Superflex, and
Powerwhip antennas.

Hustler CB Antennas                              
High power center-load and magnetic mount antennas.

Francis CB Antennas                                                   
Famous tuned fiberglass whips used by slip-seaters.

Wilson Famous CB Antennas                                       
Trucker 2000 and 5000, 1000 Mag and Roof mount,
Little wil Mag mount and 2 Meterbase load antennas.

ProComm, Accessories Unlimited, Road Ranger, Viper, and Monkey Made Antennas                                           
Twist to tune, Twister helical coil, Impulse, Vector
glass mount, Super flex andStealth TV antennas,
Roadranger, Viper Open Coil Antennas.

Cobra CB Antennas
Mag mount and tunable tip whips from Cobra®.

Solarcon CB Antennas
8" Magnet Mount , Other Magnet Mounts and Helical
Coil Full Wave Antennas
RoadPro and TruckSpec CB Antennas
Oil Coil, Magmount, Glass Mount Cellular Look-a-Like, AM/FM Kit

Find the Antenna You Want!

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