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Top Brand CB Radios with Lots of Features

 CB Radios Listed By Brand

CB Radios - Millions of people depend on them daily to communicate.  There are over 30 million CB's in use today. 
You can't depend on your cell phone to talk to that person across the highway for information.  Many new CB Radios
 come with weather channels and weather alerts that work even with the CB Radio off, and now
one even comes with Bluetooth so you can talk on your Bluetooth cell phone through your CB radio.
Check this out:  Go to and read excellent reviews and see videos of many radios.
Lots of knowledge there also for just about everything CB.

Cobra CB Radios      
Including the 29LTD Bluetooth CB, and now the new 29 LX Bluetooth
CB with NOAA Weather Alert and features galore!

Cobra CB Radio and Antenna Combination Deals
Save money and make it easier to put your radio system together.

Cobra CB Radio and No-Ground-Plane Antenna Combination Deals

Galaxy CB Radios                        
Long time professionals favorite CB

Galaxy CB Base DX2547
A great base-station radio for CB enthusiasts

Midland CB Radios                 
Compact sizes and great prices

Uniden CB Radios                           
Time proven performance and durability

Uniden CB Radio and Antenna Combination Deals 


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