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Cobra 29 LTD Chrome Limited Edition

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Chrome Case & Microphone
  • Blue LED Channel Display
  • 4 Watts AM RF Power Output: The maximum allowed by law
  • Antenna Warning Indicator: Illuminates when antenna needs checking
  • SWR Calibration: Allows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance
  • 9 Foot Microphone Cord: For easy reach within any area of the vehicle
  • RF Gain: Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas
  • Adjustable Dynamike Boost: Dynamically boosts microphone for increased voice clarity
  • Tactile Controls: Allows you to actually feel where the dial is in it's rotation without taking your eyes off the road
  • PA Capability: Use CB radio as a Public Address System with PA speaker
  • Switchable Noise Blanker: For increased noise reduction
  • Talk-Back Control
  • Front Microphone Connector: Allows convenient installation to be in dash or under dash

Same as the great 29LTD Classic, but will stand out with it's Chrome Covers.

Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra®

Check out this site for mod info on CB's and 10 Meter Radios, go to and click on Radio Information. 

Owners Manual for the Cobra 29 Chrome Edition



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