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Francis Heavy Duty Fiberglass CB Whip Antennas

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Description: Great antenna for the "Slip-Seater", individually pre-tuned for maximum performance.  This means you can move it from vehicle to vehicle and still achieve good performance.  When used with a power vise-grip mount (here), a minimum time is needed to set up your radio equipment and be on the road.

  • Double Quarter Wave
  • Continuous Load
  • Sleek Style Reduces Wind Drag
  • Standard 3/8" x 74 Chromed Brass Ferrule
  • Exclusive Double Helical Winding
  • Winding is Sealed inside the Fiberglass for Long Life

Available in 3', 4', 4 1/2', and 5 1/2' Lengths

Available in Black, Orange, and White

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