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RF Limited 4 Pin Ceramic Mic with Tone Control

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The CR577 features a ulta-clear ceramic microphone cartridge,
low-noise audio amplifier with volume control and a variable tone
control to "dial in" your audio.
  • 1 Inch Diameter Ceramic Microphone Cartridge
  • Low-Noise Audio Amplifier IC
  • External Volume (Gain) Control on Back Panel
  • External Tone Control on Back Panel
  • The Highest Quality, Soft-Shell Neoprene Microphone Cord
  • Seperate Battery Cover for Quick and Easy Access
  • Metal Front Grill
  • Wired for 4-Pin Radios

    Wiring Information for different radios included. (Wire Color and
    corresponding function)

    Detail of CR577 Funtions
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