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Galaxy DX99V2 10 Meter Mobile Radio

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The new DX99V2 is the only Galaxy all mode mobile radio– it operates on AM/FM/LSB/USB

Dual MOSFET finals (instead of four or eight finals)

The DX99V2 draws less than 10 amps and can be hooked up anywhere a standard radio is wired, with no special heavy gauge wiring being required.

The features are essentially the same as the classic DX99V
  • High performance main circuit board (same as the one used in the DX98VHP)
  • Front Mic Jack
  • Blue LED Channel and Frequency Digits
  • Automatic SWR circuit
  • Talkback circuit with on /off switch
  • Red Modulation Lamp
  • Echo and Voice Changer, but no Robot
  • Small LED indicators for High SWR Alert (Red), +10KHz (Blue), Roger Beep (Blue), Transmit/Receive (Red/Blue)

    This "10 Meter" Radio is shipped with a manufacturers warranty and must be returned to the manufacturer if defective.  Because of after shipment modifications to this type of radio, we can not accept returns directly.  We have no control over product modifications after the customer receives the product. 
Extended Three Year Limited Warranty

Notice: All 10 Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only.  A license from the FCC is required.

When you purchase a 10 Meter Radio, it is assumed you will abide by the proper regulations. assumes no responsibility for any misuse by the buyer.  Other restrictions may apply.
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