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MobileSpec - Dash Cam with 2.5" LCD Screen and 4X Digital Zoom - NEW!

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- High Definition Driving Recorder with 2.5" LCD Display (4:3)
- 8GB Class 10 SD Card Storage (Included)
- 4X Digital Zoom with Up to 12M Photo Resolution
- Modular Lens Rotates 180 Degrees
- Display Screen Rotates 360 Degrees
- Automatic Exposure Control Function
- Records In HD Quality
- Features a Built-In Speaker, Microphone and Night-Time
  Recording Mode
- Power from a 12-Volt Port or Built-In Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
- Includes; Camera, Mount, Chargers, USB Cable, A/V Cable, Case &
  8GB SD Card

Product Views 
  • This High Definition Vehicle DVR with 180° rotating lens and Night 
    Vision Camera captures video and replays it on a 2.5" LCD screen.

  • Capture amazingly sharp and colorful recordings in all light conditions.
  • The video is stored on the SDHC memory card and recording time
    be adjusted to 3, 5 or 10 minute intervals.

  • The MSDASHCAM can be connected to your computer for convenient
    video and photo storage
  • Included in the packaging is the DashCam, suction cup mount, AC
    DC charger, USB cable, A/V cable, carrying case, battery,
    8GB class 10 SD 
    card and user manual.
  • The high quality video & audio records your driving incidents.
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