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Ranger Communications 10/12 Meter AM/FM/SSB/CW Base Station Radio

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—  10 & 12 Meter Bands
—  Large Frequency Display with Dimmer
—  Improved Receiver Design —  New Green Backlite Display
—  Variable Output Power Control —  Active Frequency Scanner
—  Ten Programmable Frequencies —  Programmable Repeater Split
—  Receiver Clarifier (±0.5kHz) —  Dual Panel Meters
—  Noise Blanker/ANL Circuitry —  Frequency Selector Lockout
—  Continuous Duty Built-in AC Power Supply —  2 Year Warranty


Designed to enhance any serious operators shack, this rack-mounted unit offers exceptional sound quality and large, easy-to-use controls. The RCI-2995DX has features that include: AM-CW-FM-SSB modes of operation, variable power, noise blanker and built-in heavy duty AC power supply and provides 150 watts PEP output, and a rear panel frequency meter output for measuring transmit operating frequency.

Dual panel meters display received signal strength transmitter power output and antenna SWR. Clarifier audio tone controls for accurate receiver tuning improved reception under difficult conditions. Pushbutton selection of programming scanning functions, and programmable repeater split for FM operation enhances the renewed 10 meter repeater activity.

The RCI-2995DX offers microprocessor-based advanced features typically found in high-end units costing several times as much, including programmable repeater offset and capabilities for a CTCSS tone option — great for increasing repeater activity on 10 meters — and receiver scanning for quick search of active frequencies. The unit offers three methods of frequency selection, non-volatile memory to store and scan up to ten favorite frequencies, scanning of selected frequency segment or stored frequenciesand front panel frequency selector lockout .

In addition, the RCI-2995DX offers an impressive array of design and performance improvements:
—  An improved receiver: designed for increased sensitivity and image rejections.

—  A double FET balanced mixer: for improved receiver intermodulation rejection.

—  Surface mount components: for increased resistance to shock and vibration.

—  Variable Power Output from 150 watts to 2 watts - great for PSK-31 operation.

Tone Wiring
For complete instructions on wiring a CTCSS tone board into the RCI-2995DX, please click here: CTCSS.

For a side-by-side features comparison chart of the RCI-2995DX versus the other Ranger amateur models, please see the Comparison Chart.

RCI-2995DX Specifications
 Frequency Range
10 Mtr: 28.000 - 29.6999 MHz
12 Mtr: 24.8900 - 24.9900 MHz
 Tuning Steps
1 MHz, 100 KHz, 10 KHz, 1 KHz, 100 Hz
 Clarifier Range
±5 KHz
 Frequency Tolerance
 Frequency Stability
 Operating Temperature Range
- 20 ºC to + 50 ºC
 Left: RX Signal Strength
Right: RF Output, Antenna SWR
 Antenna Impedance
50 W
 Input Voltage
110 VAC, 60 Hz
( 220 VAC, 50 Hz Optional )
 AC Power Consumptions
300 Watts
400 W Dynamic PTT - 6 Pin
 Size (W x D x H)
19" x 12" x 6-1/4"
32 lb 6 oz
 Shipping Weight
38 lb.
 RF Power Output
50 Watts RMS: CW / AM / FM
150 Watts (PEP): SSB
 Carrier Suppression
Better Than 60 dB
 Spurious Emission
More Than 60 dB
 Antenna Connector
Standard SO-239 Type
 Output Impedance
Unbalanced 50 W
AM / CW: 0.7 µV for 10 db SINAD
FM: 0.5 µV for 12 db SINAD
SSB: 0.2 µV for 10 db SINAD
 AM / FM Selectivity
50 db at 10 KHz
 SSB Selectivity
5 db at 2 KHz, 60 db at 4 KHz
 Image Rejection
More than 50 db
 IF Rejection
More than 80 db at 455 KHz
 Audio Output Power
2.5 Watts @ 10% THD
 Intermod Rejection
> 50 db
 Noise Blanker
IF Single Gate Type
 Built In Speaker
8 W
 External Speaker
Disables Internal Speaker When Connected, 8 W

This "10 Meter" Radio is shipped with a manufacturers warranty and must be returned to the manufacturer if defective.  Because of after shipment modifications to this type of radio, we can not accept returns directly.  We have no control over product modifications after the customer receives the product. 

Check out this site for mod info on CB's and 10 Meter Radios, go to and click on Radio Information.

Notice: All 10 Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only.  A license from the FCC is required.

When you purchase a 10 Meter Radio, it is assumed you will abide by the proper regulations. assumes no responsibility for any misuse by the buyer.  Other restrictions may apply.   

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