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Powerband RFX 75 - 75 to 100 Watt Replacement Final Amp

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MOSFET from Palomar - original equipment supplier to Magnum.


Final Transistor: ERF7530 (x1)
Driver Transistor: ERF2030 (x1)
Low Pass Filter: 3 Stage
Dimensions: 3 3/8" x 1 5/8" x 2"

More information can be found here:

The RFX75 is a replacement part for Magnum 10 Meter Amateur Tranceivers.

The RFX75 includes the RF driver and final output stages and low pass filter
section from a Magnum 10 Meter amateur tranceiver.

The RFX does not work independently, but it is an integral part from a Magnum
tranceiver and is available for repair and replacement purposes.

The RFX75 features the latest Power MOSFET technology and has a built in
S-Meter detection circuit.  The RFX75 uses the new ERF7530 75W RF Power

 Works on these radios and more:

Cobra 25

Cobra 29

Cobra 148 Early model and New models

EPT3600 Chassis Radios

EPT6900 Chassis Radios

Galaxy DX929 Mosfet Final Version

Galaxy DX939, DX949, DX959, and Ranger 396, 696, and 966 (2SC1969 Chassis Versions)

Glaxay DX939, DX949, DX959, and Ranger 396, 696, and 966 (Mosfet Chassis Versions)

Magnum S-3, Magnum S-6, Magnum S-9 10 Meter Transceivers with main printed circuit board numbers 9821R21

RCI 2950

RCI 2950DX

Texas Ranger 127 FSC

Uniden 68 Series

Uniden 78 Series
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