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Magnum SX-175 Power Cabinet

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  • This Power Cabinet is a replacement Final Amplifier & Low
    Pass Filter Section for the Magnum S Series 175 Watt
    Amateur radios with no cutout holes.
  • Aluminum Top Cabinet & Bottom Heat Sink 
  • 175 Watt+ Final Amplifier - Low Pass Filter
  • Directional Coupler Circuit Board Assembly
  • Comes with heavy duty black aluminum mounting bracket
  • Heavy duty 12 Gauge, 10 foot power cord assembly
    with  30 Amp Inline Fuse.

    You can also upgrade your 50 Watt S-3, S-6, or S-9 to
    a 175 Watt Radio.

    This is a low cost solution to replace a bad RF driver and final
    output stages in other 10 Meter Amateur Tranceivers that used
    obsolete or discontinued transistors.

    Will Also Work with These Brands:

    EPT3600 Chassis Radios
    Galaxy DX939, DX949, DX959

    There is more information at

Left Photo: Bottom Cabinet/Heatsink with Final Amplifier Assembly
Right Photo: Photo of RF Shield Covering the Final Amp Assembly
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