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About us at Truckers-Store.com.  We want to provide those people in the over-the-road profession with products that will make their jobs safer by making available excellent communication equipment to use on the job.

We also want to provide the best variety of antennas, mounts, and coax to put together a great communication system.

Stocking excellent name brand electronic equipment, invaluable for keeping the trucker informed about hazards and accidents ahead, weather conditions and many other types of information that makes their  job safer.

Things have changed a lot since 2007 when we first put our website online.  Now drivers are required to use bluetooth headsets with their cell phones.  Long haul drivers use the latest GPS navigation units for information and safety.  Soon the professional driver will be required to use a electronic logging device in his truck.

We still believe a CB Radio is the best form of communication between professional drivers and others on the road.  It is cost effective and the driver can get real time reports of what is happening ahead or just around the corner.  When you are driving 20 to 40 tons down the road, you need to know what is happening.  It could mean your life.

The way we see it, you can’t get information from someone across the road with a cell phone unless you know their number.

If you see what you like and decide to buy from us, we will try to give you the best service, a no question asked guarantee, and a safe and secure checkout.

It is our goal to add new products regularly for the information, safety, and comfort of the professional truck driver.

Check back often and let us know what’s happening on the road and what you might want us to stock.  Click on the Contact Us Link below to share.