CB Base Station Mic

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Get the Right Base Station Mic for Your Base Station Radio

  • Workman Silver Salute Desk Power Mic
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    Workman Silver Salute Desk Power Mic


      Dynamic Microphone: Sensitivity- 12 +/- 2dB (At 1 Khz) Impedance - 600 Ohms Cable- 5 Conductor (1 Shielded) 9' Coiled Cord-Extended Die Cast Zinc Alloy Polished Chrome Uses Standard 9v Battery Like a Shorter Version of the D104 Desk Mic Pre-Wired 4 Pin Standard Cobra/Uniden/Galaxy etc  

  • Astatic AST878DM Desk Power Mic


    Push to talk and lock to talk buttons Five conductor shielded standard Astatic color coded cable The volume can be adjusted with a potentiometer located under the bottom of the mic. Mic is wired 4pin Cobra/Uniden SPECIFICATIONS: Transistorized Ceramic Output Level: -44dB Below 1 volt per microbar at 1 khz into 1 megohm load Output…

  • Galaxy Amplified Echo Desk Mic w/Reverb and Roger Beep
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    Galaxy-Base-Mic Amplified Echo Desk Mic w/Reverb


    Excellent Galaxy Amplified Base Station Mic Classic Echomaster Roger Beep Echo Time and Depth Control Sliders on Top Modulation Control to control loudness VU-Meter Modulation Meter Lockable Push-To-Talk Transmit and Battery LED 4 ft Coiled Cord - Does Not Come Wired Operates on 9 Volt Battery (not included) or external 9 Volt Power