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top quality coaxial connetors, switches and filters

  • Workman CX-3 Antenna Switch

    Workman CX-3 Coaxial Antenna Switch 1000 Watt


    Workman CX-3 Antenna Switch - 1000 Watt Model CX-3 has one PL259 Input and three PL259 Outputs. A Great Buy.  

  • A28

    TwinPoint A28 In-Line UHF Lightening & Static Arrestor


    Disconnect the coaxial connector at your base antenna, install the AR-10 and reconnect the coaxial cable. Then, run a copper ground wire from the connector housing to earth ground. The ground wire offers a low resistance path that will allow atmospheric static and electrical charges to be totally or partially bled off to earth ground.…

  • rpm-359

    RPM-359 90 Degree “L” Connector – PL-259 to SO-239


    Right Angle Male PL-259 Connector to Female SO-239 Connector Alternate Part Number  KRA259X May Be Shipped - It is the same part.

  • nr400

    ProComm NR400 Noise Clipper/Amplifier


    ProComm NR400 Noise Clipper/Amplifier This noise clipper amplifies incoming signal At the same time reduces static Hooks up in line between CB Radio and Antenna  

  • 12DMFPL

    ProComm 12DMFPL Coax Cable Adapter with PL-259 Connector and 2 Female Motorola Plugs – Black


    RG-59A/U Cable One Male PL-259 to 2 Female Motorola Plugs 12 inch dual cables

  • KPL258x

    Kalibur KPL258X PL259 to PL259 Barrel Connector


    Use this connector to join two PL-259 terminated coax cables together when additional length is required. Alternate Part (RPDF-1)  

  • 40750359_8776407_full.JPG

    Kalibur Connectors for Coax and Other Applications

    From: $0.95

    Choose the Type Fitting you want and then how many you want of each.Choices: KMPL03B - Black Mini UHF Male Crimp Connector for RG58/U              $ 2.95 ea. KPL259 - Bakelite, Silver Pin Solder on PL259 individually bagged          $ 2.75 ea. KPL259T SSS - Teflon, PL259 with Silver…

  • AD551X

    Kalibur AD551X Motorola to BNC Adapter (bulk)


    High Quality Connect BNC to Motorola Plug  

  • cp259

    FireStik CP259 Coax Connector Co-Phase PL259


    Up until now, when you wanted to build a co-phase harness you would use a PL-259 without an insert It got the job done but you would end up with a lot of slop between the coax and the connector That was then ... this is now! This special (and hard to find) PL-259 connector…

  • ar3

    FireStik AR3 PL259 to BNC Coax Adapter


    Allows the user to utilize a PL-259 terminated coaxial cable for connection to a scanner or hand held radio that has a BNC antenna termination. Just screw it on to the coax cables PL-259 connector and connect it to your BNC terminated device with a simple push-n-twist motion. Visit Firestik's technical library to find the answers to…

  • AR2

    FireStik AR2 PL259 to Pin Plug Coax Adapter


    Allows commonly terminated coaxial cable (with PL-259 connector) to be used with an AM/FM radio or scanner that requires a pin-plug termination. Just screw it on and plug it in. Visit Firestik's technical library to find the answers to the most common questions or to learn how to troubleshoot or even tune your CB antenna. It is…

  • aut259

    Accessories Unlimited AUT259 “T” Connector for PL259


    Accessories Unlimited AUT259 "T" Connector For PL259 Connectors Connect one cable to two or two cables to one Two male and one female ends. Alternate part TSM-359 may be substituted  

  • aupl259c

    Accessories Unlimited AUPL259C Crimp on PL259 Coax End


    Accessories Unlimited Crimp on PL259 Coax End