Dodge CB antenna mounts

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FireStik Dodge antenna mounts for dodge ram and
dakota pickup trucks 1994 thru 2004

  • FireStik MK184R Stainless Steel Dodge Ram/Dakota Hood Channel Mini Kit


    This kit is the perfect set-up for those wanting to mount an antenna without drilling holes in the exterior of their vehicle. You get a quality stainless steel mount and 18 ft (5.5m) of professional grade Fire-Flex coaxial cable (with FireStik's exclusive Fire-Ring connector) all in one package! And, if that isn't enough, you save money…

  • FireStik SS184A Stainless Steel Dodge Ram/Dakota Hood Mounts


    The SS-184A contains the same bracket as the SS-184. The difference is the SO-239 base stud mount for screw-on coax connection. This mount works very well as a universal flat mount for bumpers, pick-up bed rails, etc. The mount is rated for antennas up to 4'  in length. The bracket is 2" wide by 4.1" long.…

  • FireStik SS184 Stainless Steel Dodge Ram/Dakota Hood Mounts


    The primary use for the SS-184 stainless steel mount is for antenna installation on the 1994 thru 2004 Dodge Ram and Dakota pick-ups Due to body changes made in 2005, this mount will not fit 2005 and newer vehicles). When the hood is open, the fender bolt near the firewall is removed (right or left…

Accessories Unlimited Mounts for Dodge 1994-2003 and 2004 thru 2009