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Regulation and compliance books for the trucking industry

  • 445-MP

    J.J. Keller 445-MP Cargo Securement Handbook for Drivers ( 2 Books )


    Sold Only in Package of Two Addresses Proper Securement of Loads with Practical Hand On Guidance Aids In Compliance with US Federal & Canadian Cargo Securement Regulations Spiral Bound Book with 192 Pages Size (WxL): 7" x 5"  

  • 28763



    A detailed guide to the physical standards employees must satisfy to be qualified to drive a CMV. Helps transport safety managers and drivers understand the examination process and what medical qualification is.Addresses the regulatory side of driver wellness Spiralbound, 5" x 7", 384 pages DOT Medical Exams: The Complete Guide  

  • 493H493H_VER2

    J.J. Keller 493H HOS Handbook, the Complete Guide for CMV Drivers, 2nd. Edition ( 3 Books )


    Updated to Reflect the December 2015 ELD Final Rule Anti-Coercion Rule Explained, Along with How to File a Complaint Includes Supporting Documents Requirements Drivers Need For Prior to December 2017 and After December 2017 Now Includes an 18-Page Section of Key Electronic Logging Devices HOS Rules for Property-Carrying Vehicles & Passenger-Carrying Vehicles Helps Drivers Operate…

  • 520H

    J.J. Keller 520H Vehicle Sizes and Weights Handbook ( 4 Books )


    Package of Four Books Determine Lawful Ways to Configure a Tractor-Trailer, Straight  Truck or Bus Features an Overview of Tractor-Trailer Sizes and Weight Compliance Requirements for All 50 States and Canada Spiral Bound Book with 178 Pages Size (WxL): 7-1/16" x 5"  

  • 15ORS

    J.J. Keller 150RS Hazmat Compliance Pocketbook ( 6 Books )


    Package of Six Books Helps Drivers Use the 172.102 Hazmat Table to Find Related Answers Quickly Covers Shipping Papers, Placarding, Loading/ Unloading and More Softbound Book with 592 Pages- Size (WxL): 4" x 6"  

  • 788

    RoadLife Publications 788 Pocket Truck Stop Guide ( 10 Books )


    Package of Ten Books Quick Reference Directory Listing almost 6000 Truck Stops & Rest Areas Interstate Listings Laid Out Sequentially by Mile Marker and/or Exit Far Faster than Relying On Any Kind of GPS Device Drivers Use it All Day Long Allows to Quickly Plan their Stops Ahead of Time Works Well with Regard to…

  • 2-MP

    J.J. Keller 2-MP Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook ( 8 Books )


    Package of 8 Books Word for Word Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) Helps In Reducing Potential Fines Aids In Compliance with Constantly Changing Regulartory Scene Softbound Book- Reprinted Monthly Size (WxL): 4" x 6"