everhardt cb antennas

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Everhardt CB antennas give high peformance and
low swr readings on all channels

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    Everhardt SOTT 3-4 ft. 1.5 Wave Tiger CB Antennas

    From: $19.95

    3 ft. Available in Black, White, and Blue and Black/Gold 4 ft. Available in Black, White, Blue, and Red Super High Performance Wide Band 26-29 MHz Antenna 1 - 1/2 Wave Pretuned Power Rating 2000 Watts 18 gauge solid wire Double Wind Standard 3/8" x 24  Threaded Base Industries Most Copied Antenna Design Available in…

  • Everhardt stt3-4 Super Tiger Full Wave CB Antenna

    Everhardt STT 3-4 ft. Super Tiger Full Wave CB Antenna

    From: $18.95

    Choose Length: 3 or 4 ft.  3 ft. Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Black/Gold 4 ft. Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue Super Tiger: Wide Band - 26-29 MHz High Performance 1 Full Wave Length Top Load Tunable Tip Power Rating 1000 Watts Includes the Weather Band 18 gauge solid wire Standard 3/8 ' Threaded Base…

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    Everhardt TSM 2-4 ft. Super Flex CB Antenna with Weatherband Resonator

    From: $14.95

    Choose Length: 2 ft., 3 ft., or 4 ft. Choose Color: Black, Red, White, or Blue  3 ft does NOT come in Blue   3/4 Wave "Super Flex" Flexible Antennas Rated: 1000 Watts "Talk Power" "Super Flex" antennas are top loaded helically wound around a 1/4" fiberglass rod with "Super Flex" to help prevent breakage.…