Firestik Base Antennas

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Firestik indoor CB antenna For Indoor Use

  • Firestik ® IBA5 MADE FOR INDOOR CB 5 ft. 5/8 Wave BASE ANTENNA


    Model:IBA-5 The IBA-5 was primarily designed to be used from the inside of a building or structure. The main user of this product would be a CB'er who lives in an apartment or association area that restricts the use of outdoor antennas. Other uses may include single family residences, offices, and job-sites. The IBA-5 may…

Firestik 2 Meter Base Antenna and M.U.R.S. Base Antenna

  • FireStik 2MCKB 2 Meter Amateur 144-148 MHz 5/8 Wave Base Antenna


    For many years amateur radio operators have raved about Firestik's 2-meter mobile antenna (Model 2M-4) because of its outstanding performance. The radiating element is a 6dBi 5/8 wave design. The core material is 3/8" solid fiberglass that is wound with 19ga heavy insulated copper wire. The radiating element is approximately 45" long. All of this is…

  • FireStik MURSBASE M.U.R.S. Multi Use Radio Service 5/8 Wave Base Antenna


    The Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) is a farily new FCC authorized "no-license" VHF Citizen Band Radio service. To read more about this service, click here. The design of the Firestik MURS-Base antenna is based upon our hi-performance 2-Meter, 5/8 wave design. The radiating element was first designed in late 1979 and introduced to the market…