Galaxy 10 Meter Radios

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Galaxy 10 Meter Transceivers – Up To 200 Watts

  • Galaxy DX29HP 10 Meter Radio – 45 Watt


    Front Mic Jack Dual Mosfet Finals ( IRF520 MOSFETs ) Blue meter light Blue Channel LED Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output Red/Blue Transmit LED Noise Blanker Automatic Noise Limiter PA NO Echo Board Talk Back Two Power Output Levels: 10 Watts FM /AM 40W AM peak power Pre-wired for FC…

  • Galaxy DX33HP2 10 Meter Mobile Radio


    (Replaces the DX 33 HP Model) Pre-wired for FC 347 Accessory Frequency Counter Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output Blue Meter and Channel Output Red/Green Transmit LED Noise Blanker/ Automatic Noise Limiter PA Features: Echo Board with Two Controls Talk Back "ON" during Echo Three Power Output Levels 12 Watts Power Output…

  • Galaxy DX 44HP 10 Meter Mobile Radio


    Large Galaxy Meter (something you will really learn to appreciate) Automatic SWR Circuit High SWR Alert Circuit +10 KHz Circuit Roger Beep Modulation Lamp Variable Power Output New Bezel with Extra Chrome Dual MOSFET Finals Dimmer Pot Echo with Dual Controls Switchable Talkback Blue Lighting Three Year Warranty (try and top that!)  

  • Galaxy DX47HP 10 Meter Mobile Radio


    Featuring: 100 Watts Peak Power / 40 Watt Carrier 14 Amps Maximum Current Usage Bottom Mounted Heat Sink Internal Cooling Fan AM/FM/PA Modes (No SSB) Seven Selectable Backlight Colors Echo With Dual Controls Galaxy Meter With 3 Scales Front Mic Jack +10KHz Circuit Blue Channel Digits Variable Dimmer Control Pot Modulation Lamp with On/Off Switch…

  • Galaxy DX94HP 10 Meter Mobile Radio – 100 Watt


    100 Watt Maximum Power Output AM/USB/LSB Large Duel Blue LED Meter Blue LED's (Frequency Counter & Channel) StarLite faceplate Variable Dimmer Frequency Counter On/Off Variable Power Output SWR/RF/S Metering Automatic SWR Circuit ANL/NB Roger Beep with on/off Switch + 10Khz Switch Side Microphone Jack Mic/RF Gain Echo/Voice Changer with on or off Variable Talkback PA…

  • Galaxy DX98VHP 10 Meter Radio 200 Watts


    Has 200 watts of modulation with 8 IRF520 MOSFET final transistors. The DX98VHP has all blue LED frequency and channel display as well as blue meter lamps in the extra large meter. Two internal quiet temperature controlled fans to provide arflow over the enlarged heatsink. Starlite Faceplate. Variable Output Power: AM carrier adjustable from 10…

  • Galaxy DX99V2 10 Meter Mobile Radio


    High performance main circuit board (same as the one used in the DX98VHP) Front Mic Jack Blue LED Channel and Frequency Digits Automatic SWR circuit Talkback circuit with on /off switch Red Modulation Lamp Echo and Voice Changer, but no Robot Small LED indicators for High SWR Alert (Red), +10KHz (Blue), Roger Beep (Blue), Transmit/Receive (Red/Blue)  

Galaxy AM/SSB/FM/CW 10 Meter Base Station Radio

  • Galaxy DX2517 10 Meter Base Radio


    DX 2517 - 10 Meter Base Radio New main PC board for increased stability and sensitivity Five digit frequency counter Two large, easy-to-read Meters Meter Scales for Signal, Power Output, SWR and Modulation (AM only) Variable dimmer control Red/Green Transmit/Receive LED Noise Filter circuit for increased signal-to-noise ratio "On-Demand" switchable Talk Back circuit with Volume Control +10…

Galaxy Add On and Replacement Part

  • Galaxy FC347-BL Frequency Counter


    This accessory frequency counter was designed to work with the DX 33HML, DX 44V and DX 77HML radios. No soldering is required -- the FC 347 plugs directly into a socket on the back of the radio next to the antenna connector. TWO YEAR Limited Parts and Labor Warranty A wiring harness is included for…