Koolatron – Cooler/Refrigerator with Heat Pipe Technology – 40B


  • Cooling with Unique State-of-Art Heat Pipe Technology
  • Faster Cooling, Colder Temperatures and Quieter Operation
  • More Efficient Heat Release
  • Capacity: 48L (1.7 cu.ft), 46 x 12oz (355ml) Cans
  • Includes 110V AC Cord and 12-Volt DC Cord
  • Compact, Flush-Back Design
  • Efficient Use of Interior Space
  • Adjustable Temperature Control and Auto Defrost
  • LED Interior Light
  • Removable Shelf and Reversible Door





  • A Solid State thermoelectric module acts as a heat pump to remove
    heat away from the fridge, utilizing state of the art, unique heat pipe
    technology for improved performance.
  • Heat from the thermoelectric module is absorbed by the heat pipe,
    vaporizing the liquid refrigerant and rapidly moving heat away from
    the source, allowing for faster temperature drop. Uses environmentally
    friendly R134A refrigerant.
  • This technology has been widely used by the Military, Aerospace and
    Computer industries primarily for rapid heat transfer!
  • Technical Specifications
    Height : 20”
    Width : 18.5”
    Depth : 17”
    Weight : 25 lbs
    Capacity : 48 L (1.7 cu.ft)
    Power Usage : 12V & 110V

Additional Features:

Cooling to 25°C (45°F) Below Ambient Temperature

Additional information

Weight46 lbs
Dimensions22 × 19 × 17 in