FireStik AMFM 3-4 ft. AM-FM Receive Only Black Antenna

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With the FireStik AMFM antenna you won’t have to settle for those stock or cheap replacement antennas that just capture some of the radio waves you want to listen to….

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Choose 3 or 4 ft – Black Color Only

  • LengthLightweight
  • High-performance coil design
  • Flexible fiberglass tube

One of the best, easiest and inexpensive ways to improve AM/FM reception is to increase the “capture area” of the collection device … in this case, the antenna.

The airspace is saturated with radio waves and they aren’t zig-zagging around trying to find your antenna.

Those which strike your antenna have a chance of being heard while all the rest just slip past.

And when you get on the fringe areas of a stations signal, the density of the magnetic wave is greatly reduced which means your thin wire (but pretty) antenna just isn’t gathering enough information for the radio to utilize and you hear “garble, garble hissssss!”.

Our AM/FM antennas have “gobs” of wire and many times the surface capture area when compared to a wire whip type antenna. For example, a typical 30″ wire straight wire antenna with a 1/8″ diameter has about 11.8 sq. inches of surface area.

Our AM/FM wire wound antennas have a little over 300 inches of wire and a total surface area of about 21.3 sq. inches.

All Firestik “AM/FM” antennas are 100% American made with 100% American materials.

Both  3 and 4 ft. AM/FM models are compatible with all AM/FM radios and are available in black with a black tip.

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