FireStik FG2648-FG4648 No-Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit With a 3-way Mirror Mount

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No ground plane CB antenna kits fg2648-fg4648 were specifically designed to solve problems associated with lack of ground plane (fiberglass vehicles etc)….


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Firestik FG2648 – FG  4648 “No-Ground Plane”, CB Antenna Kits

Featuring a stainless steel 3-Way Mount

  • Model: FG2-648 w/2ft antenna    2 ft. is Available in Black or White Only
  • Model: FG3-648  w/3ft antenna   3 ft. is Available in Black, Red, White or Blue
  • Model: FG4-648  w/4ft antenna   4 ft. is Available in Black, White, or Red Only

The FireStilk ‘No ground plane” (NGP) CB antenna kits were specifically designed to solve the problems associated with the lack of ground plane (counterpoise).

This normally occurs on vehicles constructed of plastic, fiberglass, wood or aluminum.

This includes, but is not limited to, motorhomes, boats, automobiles and 18-wheeler trucks.

Ground plane problems typically show up in the form of high standing wave ratio (SWR) and poor performance.

The isolated ground plane that is built into this series of kits can also eliminate problems on metal base vehicles that lack the sufficient ground plane for proper operation.

Firestik Warranty   

  • 5 Year: Antenna   
  • 2 Year: Mount & Spring   
  • 1 Year: Coax Cable Assembly 

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2 Foot, 3 Foot, 4 Foot


Black, White, Red, Blue