FireStik MKM2 Molded Antenna Side Mount Mini-Kit – Best Seller


  • If you are looking for a side mount with some style, than this is the set up for you.
  • This kit includes the molded side mount and 18 ft (5.5m) of professional grade
    Fire-Flex coaxial cable.
  • Mount includes rubber gasket and steel backer-plate.
  • Save money by purchasing the mount and the coax in one package!






  • When installed, the coax connectors are concealed on the inside of the vehicle (requires one 13/32″ and one 13/64″ mounting hole).
  • We recommended that it be used with Firestik of Firestik II antennas up to 3′ or FireFly and RoadPal antennas up to 4′ .
  • The actual mounting surface is approximately 3.125″ x 1.675″. Outward protrusion is about 1.875″
  • Mini-kits give you the freedom to create your own personalized antenna kit.
  • Any of our standard 3/8″-24 threaded antennas or accessories will screw directly into the antenna stud.
  • If adding a spring with a base diameter larger than 0.700″, a split lock washer is required between the mount and the spring
    to ensure proper seating of the spring to the mount surface.
  • Limited Warranty – 1 year

Additional information

Weight .95 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5.25 × 2.75 in