FireStik MK174 Stainless Deep Steel Hood Channel Mount Mini-Kit


  • This kit is the perfect set-up for those wanting to mount an antenna without drilling holes
    in the exterior of their vehicle.
  • You get a quality stainless steel mount and 18 ft of professional grade Fire-Flex coaxial cable
    (with Firestik’s exclusive Fire-Ring connector) all in one package!
  • The mount in this mini-kit is designed for hood and trunk applications.
  • The stainless steel mount fastens to the inside channel of your hood or trunk.
  • There are no visible mounting holes!
  • See Installation art and more here.






  • The included mounting hardware (also stainless steel) is hidden inside the hood or trunk channel.
  • The MK-174 kit has a bracket for the deeper hood channels found on the Super-Duty Ford pickups.
  • Any of our standard 3/8″-24 threaded antennas or accessories will screw directly into the antenna stud.
  • Pick any antenna up to 4′ to complete your installation.
  • Each mini-kit contains a FREE microphone hanger.
  • Limited Warranty – Coax Cable 1 year, SS Mount 2 Years

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5.5 × 2.75 in