FireStik MURS45 M.U.R.S. Multi Use Radio Service 5/8 Wave Mobile Antenna


Currently in Black Color Only

  • The Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) is a farily new FCC authorized “no-license” VHF Citizen Band Radio service. To read more about this service, click here.
  • The Firestik MURS45 antenna is an omni-directional antenna for the 151.820 to 154.600 MHz, VHF Citizen Band Radio service. The Firestik design offers an exceptional low angle of radiation
    or optimum ground wave propagation of your transmitted communications.
  • This 5/8 wave (physical & electrical) antenna has a nominal impedance of 50-52 ohms. With a sub 2.0:1 swr bandwidth of 6 MHz (3 MHz sub 1.5:1) the MURS45 exceeds the 2.78 MHz bandwidth of the MURS band.


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Currently in Black Color Only

The overall length is 45″. Gain over isotropic is 6 dB. Gain over 1/4 wave is 3 dB. The MURS45 antenna is rated at 400 AM watts (800 P.E.P.) thus exceeding the initial authorized 2-watt transmitter output by a factor of 200.

The core is 3/8″ solid fiberglass (special Firestik formula for balance of ruggedness and flexibility). The conductor is that of double insulated 19 guage copper wire. The static noise resistive covering is made of high quality PVC with added UV and pigment stabilizers. The antenna base is chrome plated machine brass with standard 3/8″-24 threads for full compatibility with all Firestik mounts and accessories.

Available in Black or White Only.  

Visit Firestik’s technical library to find the answers to the most common questions or to learn how to troubleshoot or even tune your antenna. It is unique on the Internet!

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