Predator 10K Antenna Single and Double Coil – Made In The USA

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Predator 10K antenna is extremely wide banded with a high DB gain
and has a tuneable whip for optimum SWR calibration.

Predator antennas are made of light-weight aircraft aluminum for strength
and durability as well as weight reduction.

Connector: 3/8″ x 24 thread

Coil is 3″ Diameter


  • K-1-27 – 27″ Shaft – Single Coil – This is the antenna for Cascadia trucks
  • K-1-17 – 17″ Shaft – Single Coil
  • K-1-12 – 12″ Shaft – Single Coil
  • K-1-9 – 9″ Shaft – Single Coil
  • K-2-6 – 6″ Shaft Dual Coi
  • K-2-9 – 9″ Shaft Dual Coil
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  • While other antennas weigh in the “pounds,” this one is in the “ounces.”
  • Predator antennas are precision machined, not pressed together like other
    antennas, and are made in the U.S.A.
  • The Predator antenna can handle in excess of 25,000 watts.
  • This antenna is for the “big boys” who require a lot of watts.
  • Also, if any part is damaged, that part can be replaced instead of having to
    buy a new antenna.
  • Double Coil Antennas come in 6″, 9″ bottom shaft lengths. Double coil
    antennas are designed for reduced height. A second coil is added, which allows
    for a shorter whip. This reduces the overall length of the antenna.
  • “Life Time Warranty” against manufacturer defects.

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K-1-12, K-1-17, K-1-27, K-1-9, K-2-6, K-2-9