Stryker SR497HPC 90 Watt 10 Meter Radio


Features Include:

  • 7-color meter light and channel display
  • Large round meter that is easy to read
  • Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference
  • AM/FM Operation and PA Circuitry
  • Automatic AWI (Antenna Warning Indicator) alerts the operator if their SWR’s are too high
  • Multiple step dimmer button on front panel
  • Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight spaces
  • Receive and Microphone gain controls
  • Frequency Counter Jack pre-wired for FC-390 style counters
  • 1 Year Limited Factory Warranty



Important Features Include:

7-Color Channel Display – The SR-497HPC features a 7-Color channel display (Stryker Exclusive).

Brilliant 7-Color LED Backlit Face Plate- Choose from 7 colors with the push of a button or let the CPU
controller scan through all of the colors on it’s own. Our exclusive face plate design provides operators
with back lighted controls, making adjustments even in the darkest conditions easy. Best of all our design
is extremely durable and can be dimmed using the color/dimmer button located on the front panel of
the radio.

High Power Final Transistor – The SR-497HPC uses a single 2SC2290 flange mounted transistor that
provides the user with 90 + watts PEP. If you want be heard, the SR-497HPC has the power required to
do some serious talking.

Multiple Step Dimmer – Our improved dimmer allows you to fine tune how bright you want the backlighting
and channel diplay. Simply press and hold the “color” button in until the radio dims to the desired level.
You are no longer limited high, medium or low.Heavy Duty AM Regulator – We’ve upgraded the AM Regulator
or increased reliability.

Digital Echo with/ Dual Front Mounted Controls – Provides the operator a much wider range of effects and
control than typical factory or aftermarket echo boards. Our board is able to reproduce the human voice
with virtually no distortion providing maximum clarity and enjoyment.

Two Different Roger Beeps – Two different roger beeps are included with the SR-447HPC. These are controlled
using a switched that is located on the front panel. This is a feature that you will find on virtually no other
radio direct from the factory. Most importantly the roger beep can be turned off when it’s not needed.

Variable Power Control – Allows the operator to adjust or vary their carrier from one watt to 25 watts. This is
a must have feature if the operator intends to use an external power device.

Variable Talk Back Control – The infamous talk back squeal is virtually eliminated with our independently
controlled talk back circuitry. The operator can adjust the volume to the perfect level as operating conditions
require. Best of all the user no longer has to turn down the microphone gain to stop the annoying squeal that
is often the result of poor design or cost cutting at the production level.

Up-Armored™ Receiver- Our exclusive receiver protection works even under the harshest conditions, such as
those experienced at a busy truck stop with many operators running high power radios. In addition our
receiver filtering is tighter than most radios on the market. This means adjacent channel rejection is improved.

  • This “10 Meter” Radio is shipped with a manufacturers warranty and must be returned to the manufacturer
    if defective.
  • Because of after shipment modifications to this type of radio, we can not accept returns directly.
  • We have no control over product modifications after the customer receives the product.
  • Extended Three Year Limited Warranty
  • Notice: All 10 Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only. A license from the FCC
    is required.
  • When you purchase a 10 Meter Radio, it is assumed you will abide by the proper regulations.
  • assumes no responsibility for any misuse by the buyer.
    Other restrictions may apply.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions17 × 9 × 3 in