Stryker SR89MCV2 NEW! 10 Meter Radio with 35+ Watts AM and 8 Watts FM


35+ watts PEP AM / 8 watts FM

  • Rock Solid Frequency Stability
  • 10 Bands to select from
  • Dual Channel Watch
  • Volume / SQ Controls
  • Instant Mute Button
  • S/RF meter Display
  • Radio Voltage is shown on the LCD display
  • Key Pad Lock (optional) Optional
  • Earphone, Microphone & PTT jacks on the handset
  • External Speaker Jack on the remote base.
  • *NEW* Mosfet Final Output Transistor
  • 1 Year Limited Factory Warranty


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  • NEW MORE POWER – 35+ Watts PEP AM The new Stryker SR-89MC (Mobile Color) offers
    impressive performance & excellent quality in a very compact package.
  • The Stryker SR-89MC is a Today’s vehicles increasingly offer less space to mount a radio, this
    is where the super compact SR-89MC really shines. The base can be mounted in an out of the
    way location and the remote microphone controls the entire radio. This is an excellent radio for
    RVs, Jeeps, UTVs or any vehicle with limited space. The small size doesn’t mean you’ll have to
    sacrifice on features, performance or quality!
  • Important Features Include:
  • 3-Color Backlit Wide-Angle LCD Display – Choose from Blue, Purple or Orange.The Wide-Angle
    Display allows you to mount it in an out of the way location and still be able to read the LCD.
  • Easy One Touch Operation – The stylish handset is designed for easy operation. All functions &
    Features can be controlled by simply pressing a button on the handset. The Ambidextrous design
    accommodates both right and left handed operators.
  • Full Aluminum Heat Sink – The wraparound heat sink offers exceptional cooling for the base.
  • Channel & Frequency Display – You can select to only display the channel number or display the f
    requency and the channel number.
  • 4 Memory Channels – Save your most frequently used channels for fast and convenient access.
  • Instant Channel 9 & 19 – Press the “EMG” button allows instant access to Channels 9 & 19.
  • Full Scanning – Scan all channels / frequencies or only your memory channels so you never miss
    a contact.

This “10 Meter” Radio is shipped with a manufacturers warranty and must be returned to the
manufacturer if defective.
Because of after shipment modifications to this type of radio, we can not accept returns directly.
We have no control over product modifications after the customer receives the product.   

PLEASE NOTE: 10-Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only.
A license from the FCC is required.

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Weight2.25 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8 × 2 in