The Wilson 36″ Short Load Adapter – Replaces 62″ Whip – 880900817


The Wilson Short Load Adapter Have a height limitation? Can’t get into the garage? Only 36″ tall it replaces the 62″ whip and it works perfectly….




  • The Wilson Short Load Adapter
  • Have a height limitation? Can’t get into the garage? The overpass to low?
  • If you have this problem and you need a shorter antenna, but want maximum
    performance, then the Wilson Short Load is the answer!
  • Designed for maximum efficiency, it is only 36″ and replaces the 62″ whip that
    is standard for the Wilson 1000 and the Wilson 5000.
  • It will also replace the 49″ whip that is standard on the Trucker 2000 & 5000
    for those drivers concerned about their height restrictions.
  • The band width will still be wide enough for most uses: 1-1.2 MHz, and the power
    handling is a strong 500 watts.
  • The Short Load adapts to the Wilson 500 and all models of the Wilson 1000, 5000,
    Trucker 2000 and the Trucker 5000.

Easy to tune and install:

  • Loosen set screws in chrome mast of antenna and remove the existing antenna’s whip.
  • Remove the vinyl cap from the bottom (11″ length) portion of the short load.
  • Insert the bottom portion into the mast.
  • Perform SWR test to determine reading.
  • Cut to lowest SWR from the top whip, using bolt cutters or a hacksaw.
  • When completed, replace top vinyl cap. 

Note: Do not cut the bottom whip – always trim at top whip. 

If you have a Wilson 1000 or Wilson 5000 antenna with a 62.5 inch whip and you are constantly hit it
on overhead objects like your garage door or low canopies while driving underneath, this short-load
adapter will reduce that height to 36 inches.

It can also help with wind drag depending on the vehicle you drive.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 39.5 × 1 × 1 in