Rand McNally Trucker GPS

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Rand McNally Offers More Driver Requested Features Than Ever


    Rand McNally TND TABLET – 8″ Truck GPS, Tablet, Dash Cam


    Rand McNally TND TABLET - 8" Truck GPS, Tablet, Dash Cam The Capabilities & Features of the IntelliRoute(R) TND Truck GPS Devices Preloaded Apps for Accounting, Document Imaging and More Access to Apps for Entertainment, Music, Email, News, and More On-Board Dash Cam; Compatible with Back-Up or Rear-View Cameras 8"Screen Size and Device Dimensions (WxHxD):…

  • Rand McNally TND7TAB GPSTND_Tablet_70_PKG

    Rand McNally TND7TAB TND Tablet 70 with 7″ Display, GPS and DashCam


      Award-Winning Rand McNally Truck Navigation Digital Version of Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas 7" IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with 1024x600 TripMaker(R) Downloadable Trips and E-Log Support Dash Camera On Board with 2MP (Rear), 0.3MP (Forward Facing Selfie Camera) Magnetic Mount with GPS Boost and Input for Backup/Blind Spot Camera Pre-Installed Apps for the…

  • Rand McNally TND740 7" Trucker's GPSRand McNally TND740 Weather Screen

    Rand McNally TND 740 LM IntelliRoute 7″ GPS with Lifetime Map Updates


    The Rand McNally TND740 Is Lightning quick. Cutting edge. Fully redesigned With Lifetime Map Updates......

  • Rand McNally TND525- 5" Truck GPS

    Rand McNally TND530LM – 5″ Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps


    Rand McNally TND530LM - 5" Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps 4th Generation IntelliRoute TND530LM Truck GPS Device Redesigned Inside and Out, with an Updated Interface and a Faster Processor 5" Screen - View more map detail  Video Input for Rear-View or Back-Up Cameras Updated Look or Switch to Classic View Faster Processor - Calculate Routes…

  • Rand McNally TND525- 5" Truck GPS

    Rand McNally TND525 Truck GPS with 5″ Screen


    RAND MCNALLY – TND525 TRUCK GPS WITH 5″ SCREEN Rand McNally's most basic truck GPS device. Map updates and Wi-Fi® connected services not included. Updated look - New hardware, faster processor, new interface options, improved maps. Advanced lane guidance - Be prepared, whether you're approaching a turn or heading through a complicated intersection. Toll Costs…

The ELD50 E-Log Device Works with the TND740, TND Tablet or
Other Android device

  • Rand McNally ELD50 E-log deviceRand McNally ELD 50 Driver Connect App

    Rand McNally ELD50 First E-log device that installs in seconds


    Rand McNally ELD50 Installs in seconds under the dash and works with the TND740, Tablet 80 or your own Android device.....