Stryker 10 Meter Radios

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Stryker 10 Meter Radios Make The Smoothest Communication Possible

Stryker Full Size 10 Meter Amateur Transceivers

  • SR655

    Stryker SR-655HP 10 Meter Amateur Radio


    Features Include: Scan your favorite channels or frequencies Instant CH19 / 9 button +10KHz Switch Large Square S/RF & SWR Meter Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference AM/FM Operation and PA Circuitry Automatic calibrating SWR meter for precise measurements Hi-Cut Noise Filter Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight spaces Receive and Microphone gain controls…

  • SR497

    Stryker SR497HPC 90 Watt 10 Meter Radio


    Features Include: 7-color meter light and channel display Large round meter that is easy to read Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference AM/FM Operation and PA Circuitry Automatic AWI (Antenna Warning Indicator) alerts the operator if their SWR's are too high Multiple step dimmer button on front panel Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight…

  • Stryker sr-447hpc2 10 Meter Radio

    Stryker SR447HPC2 55 Watt AM/FM Compact 10 Meter Radio


    AM/FM, 55 watts RF Power control, Rf Gain Mic Gain, Band control Variable dimmer, (30 stages) Multiple color display (8 colors), SWR Variable Talk-back and echo, (The Vol-Del knob next to channel selector is for echo) NEW heat sink design, ROUND Meter Size (W) 6.2 (H) 1.9 (D) 9.7 including protruding parts on depth to…

Stryker Compact 10 Meter Transceivers

  • SR89MC
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    Stryker SR89MCV2 NEW! 10 Meter Radio with 35+ Watts AM and 8 Watts FM


    35+ watts PEP AM / 8 watts FM Rock Solid Frequency Stability 10 Bands to select from Dual Channel Watch Volume / SQ Controls Instant Mute Button S/RF meter Display Radio Voltage is shown on the LCD display Key Pad Lock (optional) Optional Earphone, Microphone & PTT jacks on the handset External Speaker Jack on…

  • Stryker SR94HPC Compact 10 Meter Radio

    Stryker SR94HPC Compact 45 Watt 10 Meter Radio With Lots of Features


    Compact (5.8” L x 4.8” W x 1.4” H ) 45 Watt AM PEP 10 meter transceiver Small enough to mount just about anywhere. Features  a full Color TFT display with dimmer Back-Lit keys Scan & Dual channel watch Channel & frequency display Digital S-Meter display Integrated Automatic SWR Meter Roger Beep Instant channel 9…

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