Fiberglass antennas

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Straight fiberglass wire wound top loaded antennas

Firestik Antennas have sold over 7 million antennas

High Performance Everhardt CB Antennas

  • Everhardt SOTT 3-4 ft. 1.5 Wave Tiger CB Antennas

    From: $19.95

    3 ft. Available in Black, White, and Blue and Black/Gold 4 ft. Available in Black, White, Blue, and Red Super High Performance Wide Band 26-29 MHz Antenna 1 - 1/2 Wave Pretuned Power Rating 2000 Watts 18 gauge solid wire Double Wind Standard 3/8" x 24  Threaded Base Industries Most Copied Antenna Design Available in…

  • Everhardt stt3-4 Super Tiger Full Wave CB Antenna

    Everhardt STT 3-4 ft. Super Tiger Full Wave CB Antenna

    From: $18.95

    Choose Length: 3 or 4 ft.  3 ft. Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Black/Gold 4 ft. Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue Super Tiger: Wide Band - 26-29 MHz High Performance 1 Full Wave Length Top Load Tunable Tip Power Rating 1000 Watts Includes the Weather Band 18 gauge solid wire Standard 3/8 ' Threaded Base…

Wilson Silver Load Rigid and Flex Fiberglass Antennas

  • Wilson Silver Load FGT CB antennaWilson Silver Load FGT CB antenna

    Wilson Silver Load FGT Series Rigid Whips With Adjustable Tips

    From: $21.95

    Wilson Silver Load FGT Series Whips Wilson's "tunable tip" allows for fine tuning SWR and resonant frequency. 3/8" Diameter fiberglass construction Standard 3/8" x 24 chromed brass ferrule Fully linear top loaded maximum transfer of power Design incorporates an 18 guage "silver plated" copper wire to provide higher efficiency Antenna has unique ground lead to help…

  • W4FD305-4FD_PKG

    Wilson Flex Silver Load Series Whips With Adjustable Tips – W4FD


    Wilson Flex Silver Load Series Whips Flexible fiberglass whip with "tunable tip" that allows for fine tuning SWR and resonant frequency. 200 Watt antenna whip 1/4" Diameter tapered fiberglass construction Chromed brass ferrule & standard 3/8" x 24 threads Design incorporates 22 gauge "silver plated" wire to provide higher efficiency The "tunable tip" allows for fine…

Francis Fiberglass Antennas Are Popular With Slip Seat Drivers

  • Francis CB pre-tuned whip antennas300-CB22BLACK

    Francis CB22 to CB26 Pre-Tuned Whip Antennas

    From: $17.95

    Details: Double Quarter Wave Continuous Load Sleek Style Reduces Wind Drag Standard 3/8″ x 74 Chromed Brass Ferrule Exclusive Double Helical Winding Winding is Sealed inside the Fiberglass for Long Life Available in 3′, 4′, 4 1/2′, and 5 1/2′ Lengths Available in Black, Orange, and White NOTE: ( 5 1/2' Antenna Does NOT Come…

K40 Powerwhip and Superflex Fiberglass CB Antennas

  • SF-200K

    Superflex SF200-400 Tunable Fiberglass CB Whip Antenna – 500 Watts

    From: $21.95

    Choose: 2, 3, or 4 ft Lengths and Choose Color: Black or White  180° Whip Action Capability Superflex 1/4" Fiberglass Rod Tunable Design with Top Loaded Coil Frequency Range 26-30MHz Designed for CB and 10 Meter Radios 1/4 Wave Length Design Fits All 3/8" x 24 Threaded Mounts Chrome Plated Whip Adapter Mil-Spec Polyolefin Sheath…

ProComm products are made of the finest materials and made in the USA

  • ProComm QW45 Black Antenna

    ProComm QW45 4 1/2 ft. Quad Wound Antenna


    Black or White with Gold Wire 1500 Watt rated 4-1/2' Heavy-duty 3/8” fiberglass whip Unique 4 - 22 gauge wire wound design for ultra broadband performance 4"- .125 Diameter 17-7 stainless steel tuning tip with corona discharge cap Heavy duty chrome plated 3/8-24 ferrule Clear anti-static PVC jacket Factory tuned and field adjustable

Accessories Unlimited Auflex Super Flex Antennas

Cobra Top Loaded Fiberglass Whip Antennas

  • hga300

    Cobra HGA300FG 3 or 4 Foot Top Loaded Fiberglass Whip CB Antenna

    From: $14.95

    The New HGA300 FG is a 3 foot 5/16 durable top loaded 1/4 wave helically wound fiberglass replacement mirror mount antenna with weather reception. Features 20 gauge copper wire 1000 watts power handling capability Chrome plated 3/8-24 ferrule Factory tuned and field adjustable. The New HGA400 FG is the 4 ft. Version of the above…

Astatic Linear 1K Trucker CB Antenna